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Websites created by SPIDER

PNP Cycling Club run road, track and mountain biking events in the Wellington region. The Club has been in existence for over 90 years, and in 2016 they decided it was time for a facelift.

SPIDER Websites was engaged to completely overhaul the Club's website, and make it more engaging for new and younger members. As part of the project, a new logo was created, new Club kit (uniform) was designed, alongside the new website.

In 2015 Wellington SPCA had a website that was so old and difficult to edit, it was driving their staff and volunteers crazy. We were asked if we would be prepared to help them out, so came onboard and made a site that was not only functional but beautiful as well.

This was a HUGE project, done out of love for the animals, in the hope that greater visibility will lead to faster rehoming rates. As animal welfare advocates, we were also very proud of the animal care content that we contributed to the site.

Wellington SPCA amalgamated with the national SPCA body in 2018 – therefore the website we built is no longer visible.

Vin View Pet Lodge is a cat, dog, rabbit and guinea pig pet-care facility in Blenheim. After the new owners (Kath and Andrew) bought the business they knew they wanted to update the website and rebrand it. 

While they were still finding their feet, the existing website crashed and so SPIDER Websites was contacted to "please help – urgently". We jumped into action, and had a basic website up and running that same day, and then added content as soon as it was made available to us over the following week. Three years later and the site is still serving them well.

NZPSHA represent the interests of private surgical hospitals within New Zealand.


To assist them in promoting excellence in healthcare, they required a professional website that's easy to update with media releases and member related information.


This was achieved by incorporating a document library, and a members only area.

Dare To Special Projects Agency

Dare to is an exciting creative projects business, based in Wellington.


They came to us wanting to rebrand and relaunch under the new banner 'Dare To'. With such a bold name, a bold website was required – but it also had to help the visitor understand really quickly what they offered.


We incorporated a video right up front to provide incite into their business and showcase how they can help.

NZ Bike Expo

NZ Bike Expo launched in 2017 and the event has been delivered twice in Christchurch to date.


As an event site it needed to deliver a dual function. Firstly, it had to work for potential exhibitors, providing the business owners with all the information they needed as concisely as possible. Secondly, it had to promote the event to potential visitors.


With over 60 exhibitors, the site has a lot of work to do, it has to hold a lot of content and cope with a lot of traffic. It has achieved this extremely well.

craft beer tours

The people behind Craft Beer Tours want a website that will appeal to international and domestic visitors to Wellington. They also want to portray a sense of fun within the site and a passion for craft beer.


Another aspect that is important for this site is ease of booking and paying online for tours, with links to the breweries and bars so that people can learn more if they want to.


(This website is not yet live) 

dog ready

Dog Ready is all about people. It's being set up to help provide people with exposure to dogs and enable them to decide whether they want to become a dog owner.


The website therefore needs to be very easy, non-threatening and all about learning.


This is being achieved through the use of fun imagery, testimonials and bold font choices.


(This website is not yet live) 

Other sites

Allison needed to update her existing website and make it mobile friendly.


She also wanted to create uniformity across all her promotional tools (website, Facebook and gift packages).


We incorporated her new logo and colour palette, and created a simple layout that looks modern and fresh.

It now serves to highlight Allison's talents, help people navigate to her studio, and make bookings online. 

Remedy Massage

Six professional consultants came together to host a symposium in April 2015, and as such needed a website to promote it.


The site needed to grab people's attention, be easy to navigate, and inform and inspire visitors to buy a ticket. 


It had to have a professional edge to it, while still feeling welcoming, interesting and fun. This was achieved through the use of a unique wallpaper, bright colours, and well positioned images.

Women's Work Success

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